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Help Wallace Center reach more farming and food systems leaders

Your support will help the Wallace Center grow and sustain its service to farming and food systems leaders around the country

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The Wallace Center needs YOUR support!

For 40 years, the Wallace Center has been a go-to resource for farming and food systems leaders working to shift the way we grow, move, and access food. We support those who are doing the hard work every day to reimagine and redesign equitable farming and food systems.

A new generation of farming and food systems leaders is emerging to accelerate the work of previous generations, drawing on new ideas that leverage agriculture and value chains to respond to long-standing social inequities and climate change vulnerability. As our work evolves to serve the movement, our organizational structure and capacities also must evolve.

Your donation today will go toward funding work that allows Wallace Center to connect under resourced organizations with funding (particularly from federal programs) and build power through peer networks and capacity building.

Now is the time to activate networks of leaders who can respond to the enormous challenges and opportunities we collectively face. Now is the time to generate open-source information, tools, and resources for these networks to rapidly innovate, collaborate, and scale beyond their individual capacity. Through such sharing, coordination, and strategic alignment we see the alchemy of collective action needed to match the size and complexity of farming and food systems change. No one individual can do it alone. We need dot-connectors, relationship-weavers, cross-pollinators, big-tent facilitators, and navigators of change. These roles are what the Wallace Center does best, but we need your help.

We’re asking you, our supporters, to help advance our mission: to bring together diverse people and ideas to co-create solutions that build healthy farms, equitable economies, and resilient food systems.

To learn more about our work, please visit and check out our 2021 Annual Report!
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